Tactical Support

Timely access to seasoned professionals that can provide high quality capacity for specific initiatives or time periods.

Tactical support provided by Iterar

Why is it important to get right?

There are many reasons why short-term tactical support can be useful for teams. There may be new opportunities that require additional capacity to pursue or deadlines that must be hit.

Utilising external support is often a cost-effective alternative to hiring full-time employees. Additionally, it creates the flexibility to scale up or down specific skill sets without negative internal cultural side effects.

How can Iterar assist?

It can be very tough to rapidly find applicable and convenient new team members, especially for specific activities for a limited period of time.

A lack of appropriate capacity can lead to:

  • A mismatch between market requirements and internal capabilities.
  • Overworked or underprepared team members, who become demotivated.
  • Costly unnecessary long-term hires.
  • Ultimately, project failure on budget, timeline or quality.

Directly, and through our extensive network, we are in a position to provide high quality capacity at a short notice:

  • Product Management resources.
  • Project Management support.
  • Product Design capabilities.
  • Additional Engineering capacity.
  • Product feedback and consultation.

Customer perspective

We placed a Project Manager at a large international company to run a specific project. Here is what they had to say about the PM:

"One of the best PMs I have ever had the pleasure to work with."

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