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Lean on a wealth of experience and knowledge that will improve individual performance and motivation.

Mentorship and growth with Iterar

Why is it important to get right?

Through mentorship and growth plans you can align team member performance with your overall business strategy and objectives, to ensure that everybody is working towards a common goal.

Individual team members also benefit greatly as they gain a better understanding of themselves. This extra level of self-awareness creates an open platform to discuss future aspirations, request any support and receive recognition for achievements.

What are the key areas to cover?

  • Day-to-day feedback mechanisms.
  • Structure and cadence of performance evaluations.
  • Techniques for widening the feedback pool.
  • Mentorship opportunities.
  • Learning and development.
  • Hiring plans and execution.
  • Organisational design.

How can Iterar assist?

The needs of individuals within a team can differ greatly. It is extremely difficult to implement structures for individual growth that are adaptive to these needs.

Failure to establish appropriate structures for team member development can lead to:

  • Disengaged and ineffective team members.
  • Missed opportunities to upskill.
  • Diminished individual accountability.
  • Inadequate succession planning.
  • Individuals misaligned with overall strategy.

We have created structures for team member growth within numerous organisations across many geographically diverse cultures.

In close collaboration with your management team, we are able to offer:

  • Individual coaching and mentorship.
  • Evaluation of pre-existing performance management techniques.
  • Implementation of improved structures for team development.
  • Organisational design sessions.

Customer perspective

We mentored members of a Product team at an eCommerce SaaS organisation. One of them was kind enough to say:

"I consider myself very lucky to have had a mentor such as this to guide me."

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