Utilise an outside perspective to shake up the status quo, create a culture of innovation and identify fresh opportunities for growth.

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Why is it important to get right?

Innovation is crucial. Product innovation will help you to stay competitive by meeting and exceeding the changing needs of your customers.

However, innovation does not need to stop there. By embracing a culture of innovation internally, you can also streamline your processes, increase efficiency and improve margins. Additionally, an innovative environment is exciting for pre-existing team members and creates a magnet for new talent.

What are the key areas to cover?

  • Idea generation techniques.
  • Mechanisms for capturing feedback.
  • Frameworks for experimentation and measurement.
  • Fostering a culture of openness.
  • Team member learning opportunities.
  • Partnership strategies.

How can Iterar assist?

A desire to establish an innovative environment is the first step, but it is much easier said than done. A balance must be struck to ensure that innovation retains reasonable alignment with overarching strategy.

A lack of innovation, or misguided innovation, can lead to:

  • Stagnation and an inability to adapt to changing conditions.
  • Wasted effort on unvalidated assumptions.
  • Decreased productivity due to boredom.
  • Increased employee turnover rates.
  • Difficulty attracting new talent.

We have worked across a number of competitive sectors where innovation is a survival essential.

Alongside your team, we are well-placed provide a fresh perspective:

  • A right-sized approach to innovation.
  • Selection of appropriate techniques.
  • Establishing applicable checks and balances.
  • Product consultation and collaborative ideation.

Customer perspective

We worked with a healthtech scale-up to build a culture of innovation. This is what they thought about our expertise:

"Passionate about creating innovative and highly improved products that meet the needs of customers."

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